Alice Slabbaert
Partner at Chiever


IP-protection (trademarks, design, copyrights)




European trademark attorney

Merkenbureau Rotterdam

Co-founder Shield Mark (1994)

Country manager Shieldmark Zacco (2008-2010)

Member BBMM/FBMM (training institute Benelux trademark design law)

    1. Intellectual property

    2. Protection of trademarks and desgin in China

      Tips and tricks

      Myths around IP-protection

    3. About Alice Slabbaer

    4. After her law studies in Groningen (Rijksuniversiteit), Alice started her career in 1987 as a partner at Merkenbureau Rotterdam, a firm specialised in the protection of intellectual property, more specific trademarks, designs and copyright.

    5. After the merger with Merkenbureau Kist in 1994, the company adopted the name Shield Mark. During the years Shield Mark became one of the leading European agencies specialised in IP-protection. In 2008 Shield Mark merged with the Scandinavian-based firm Zacco, the largest IP-consultancy firm in Europe. Alice was appointed as Country Manager The Netherlands of the Zacco Group. 

    6. During the years Alice has advised many clients having large international portfolios all over the world, including Asia.

    7. After three years Alice left Shield Mark / Zacco and started in 2011 her new trademark agency Chiever, together with Bas Kist and Volkert Teding van Berkhout, Alices’ former partners  at Shield Mark.

    8. Chiever is an innovative trademark agency, dedicated to offering expert advice and service to its clients. As an agency that understands and anticipates the desires and expectations of companies in the year 2011, Chiever’s main specialization is offering advice on trademark issues to companies with substantial brand portfolios or ongoing brand projects.

    9. Alice and her partners are convinced that in order to offer its customers the best possible service, a trademark agency’s size must be limited. Once the company will have reached the number of 25-30 employees, we put on the brakes. We do not want to outgrow our value. Big enough to cope, small enough to care

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